Charity Partnerships Programme


What is the Charity Partnership Programme?

Our Charities Partnership Programme is aimed at animal welfare, wildlife or environmental conservation charities based anywhere in the world. Partnered charities can receive free support ranging from advice and information, to volunteer teams and project resources.

Our aim is to support charities to enable them to reach their full potential. Increasing their knowledge by providing training and the resources they need, will see a significant increase in the amount of work carried out and the quality level being achieved.

How it works:

  1. Charities register with Wildlife & Welfare

  2. Registrations are reviewed and if successful, passed to a project manager who will determine the level of support required/available

  3. Level of support offered will be either:

    • One-off support/advice

    • On-going partnership with a professional in the required field of expertise

    • On-going project partnership, including Wildlife & Welfare volunteer teams and resources

  4. Project plan created and signed off

  5. Support commences

  6. Regular monitoring and evaluation of support

As our charity grows, so will the support we can give. Although we may not have all the resources we need to help every charity, we do welcome and encourage charities to register with us, as we can then contact them when resources are available.


If you would like to be considered for our Charity Partnerships Programme, please fill in the below form and a member of our team will be in contact with you.

Name *
Charity Type *
The country your charity is registered in
Please give a brief summary of the support you require. A detailed questionnaire will be sent to you after this form is reviewed.

We may not be able to sign up every charity that contacts us, as resources are limited, but we will always respond to your enquiry.