What type of fundraising suits your purpose?

To support charities with their fundraising efforts, we have produced a series of articles, written by our Head of Philanthropy, Fleur Kellenbach. Please subscribe below to receive information when new articles are published in this series.

Author: Fleur Kellenbach for Wildlife & Welfare, 2018


Whether you are operating as a fully registered charity, social enterprise, grass roots project or short term cause that does not aim to endure in perpetuity - the only similarity amongst all of these structures is that you exist to raise money for a purpose.

Recognising that the nature of your organisation determines which type of fundraising programs and strategy is appropriate, ensures that fundraising prospects are not wasted, nor is your valuable time.

Given that most organisations who are looking for ways to fundraise are relatively new to the sector, we know that the first mistake we make is to assume that the manager or CEO or marketing person or veterinarian, can also do the fundraising.  Good intentions and a lot of effort are deployed on raffles, fundraising events within communities and sub-par grant applications to Trusts and Foundations.  Just because your worthy cause is to save a melancholy population of Tsunami affected malnourished orphaned puppies with ticks and mange living next to a dirty canal, doesn’t mean you will get funded.

The inevitable question raised when you are at the point when you can either foil or fund your project, is usually when you’re asked something around “how do you intend to sustain this project after this grant ends”.  I’ve seen a mixture of acceptable responses that are tailored something like “we will continue to fundraise via Trusts, Foundations and corporate sponsorship to continue to run this program”. Despite the fact that this does not imply any form of hard evidence as to how you will sustain your project, you find this acceptable as there is no way you can confirm that funding will be available.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for most newly formed charities.  They are established with little or no funding, to enable the hire of an experienced fundraiser.  Spending some time then, to identify what strategy will best suit your purpose, will reduce the risk of burning your potential donors.

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