How we can help

Through education and training we provide charities with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve more.

Using our network, we are creating a Resource Library full of helpful articles and documents. We are also building a database of working professionals and experts keen to give their support to the charity sector. From a one-off skype call with a leading fundraiser, to a long-term partnership with an animal behaviourist, we aim to fill and enhance the skill and knowledge gaps to help charities have a greater impact.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest
— Benjamin Franklin

Skills & Resource Library

Our Skills & Resource Library is a growing database of information to help charities working in all areas of animal welfare and conservation. It is a free resource that includes helpful tips, articles on the latest research, video tutorials, document templates and much more. 

As Wildlife & Welfare grows, so will our library, so keep checking back to read the latest content.

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Charity Partnership Programme

Charities all over the world are doing some amazing work and we can all do our bit to support them, so they can achieve even greater things.

Our Charity Partnership Programme is designed to partner charities with working professionals or businesses, who will provide training and advice in a requested area of work. This could be anything from marketing and fundraising to veterinary and animal enrichment. If you work for a charity and think you may benefit from this, click to find out more.