There are many charities already focused on animal welfare, wildlife and environmental conservation. Some are big, some are small, but they are all important.  Not all of them have the skills, knowledge and resources that would enable them to be the best they can, and that’s where we come in.


How we make a difference

Our aim is to meet the challenges facing the natural world by:

Supporting animal welfare, wildlife conservation and environmental charities

Helping them increase their own expertise, raise more money and achieve more; providing a one-stop shop for useful information and practical advice and support

Setting up and delivering new projects in locations where no other charities are working

Filling an urgent need in places and on issues that are not currently being tackled


Enabling everyone to play a part in securing the future of the natural world

By connecting people so they can share their expertise with charities that need it; by helping us provide charities with support which will make a difference


Who we are


Our team of staff and our Trustees have a wealth of experience of working or volunteering in the charity field over many years.  We’re all passionate about animals and conservation and are committed to making a difference.

Through Wildlife & Welfare we want to use our own expertise, our knowledge and networks to help those charities already working in this area to have a greater impact.  We are doing this by sharing what we know, bringing together a range of helpful resources which charities can dip into and providing practical assistance on a one-off or on-going basis.

Using our knowledge of what is already being done around the world, we are also identifying gaps where help is needed and taking action, where we can, to address them.

Set up in March 2018, we are already making a difference, but we can do much more with your help.

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